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Torneo Jorge Font 2019

Resumen Torneo Jorge Font


Este sábado fue el ultimo torneo del año.
Un torneo Record Capability con condiciones perfectas.
Y un excelente nivel.
Dentro de lo mas destacado estuvieron:
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Cierre Nacional Mexico 2019

Hace un par de semanas fue la ultima parada de Nacional Mexicano de esqui.
La primera fue en Rancho Avandaro, la segunda en Acua Ski y ahora Bocalaguna.
Las tres sedes son impresionantes y tienen su peculiaridad. 

Rancho Avandaro lo terminaron de construir hace un par de años.
Esta en las montañas, a mas...

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Valle with Nate Smith

Nate Smith @ Valle


I consider my self a big fan of Nate Smith.

I think he skis better than anyone...

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#1 Patricio Font

Perseverance + 10,000 hrs + Family Support + Humbleness = World Champion = Patricio Font
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Clinica de Wakesurf con John Akerman Campeon Mundial 2018

Valle de Bravo, Marzo 22, 23 y 24

Todas las edades todos los niveles. 

Viernes 22

(8am a 12pm) Clases y haremos un video promocional e instrucciones con John. 

(4pm a 600pm) Clases

(7pm a 900pm) Reunion en la...

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handicap slalom system by alahua

Our sport needs more tournaments that are easy to organize, fast (1 day) and with competition between all the skiers regarding of their gender, age or level.

We design a handicap system to do slalom tournaments. Here are the requirements

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Most people think that driving a boat is really simple and it is, but the biggest problem is that you could cause an accident if you are not careful.
This article explains several tips to improve your driving and prevent accidents.


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Introduce waterskiing to your toddler

We love waterskiing and we want our kids to love it too.

Unfortunately the introduction to our sport is not easy and can be very intimidating.

Here are some tips based on my experience teaching 100+ kids for the first time, including my two kids

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Andy Mapple showing how to slalom in slow motion

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Whats first faster or shorter?

Many slalom skiers want to reach their top speed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately learning to run 18mts / 15 off won’t help you much for short line slalom skiing.

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Patrice Martin Many Times Tricks and Overall World Champion

One of the best skiers in history!


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Nate Smith on his Quest for 43off

Here is a great video of Slalom Super Star Nate Smith.


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