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Clase con Arturo Nelson

+ 30 años de experiencia. + 20 títulos y récords nacionales. Clases de Esqui principiantes (deben de saber salir solos) a nivel mundial. Clases de Wake Board principiantes (deben de saber salir...
$ 1,200.00

Connelly firecracker entrenador

esta tabla con diseño en forma de “u” proporciona a los mas pequeños una plataforma mas estable para aprender los conceptos básicos del esquí, además tiene una cuerda de dos...
$ 4,200.00

Skis Supspopair- jr slide

El combo de esquís super sport para niños menores de 135lbs (61kg) cuenta con un diseño en forma de punta y cola ancha  para facilitar el inicio, además tienen una...
$ 5,300.00

Combo Skis Voyage - Slide ADJ

El par de esquís voyage connelly tienen una forma tradicional con un marco un poco más ancho, esta superficie adicional hace que el levantarse y salir del agua sea más...
$ 5,600.00

Slalom D3 quest 62" 2015

The Quest GS Junior is produced with the exact same materials and craftsmanship utilized in producing the world record holding Quest. The Quest GS Jr. is a smaller version of...
$ 9,000.00

Slalom HO syndicate pro

For those pint-sized Asher's-in-training, the 63” Kid’s-Specific Syndicate PRO is here! The 63" Syndicate PRO combines proven tournament performance with a kids-specific width profile and forgiving flex pattern. The PRO...
$ 13,000.00

Slalom D3 Ion S

The new D3 ION S features the same performance as the ION but with a softer flex from the middle of the ski forward. It too has the perfect blend...
$ 38,550.00

Slalom D3 NRG R2

$ 38,550.00

Slalom D3 NRG R1

The NRG R1 is the quickest turning ski ever built by D3, where turns are virtually effortless. The R1 delivers powerful edge-control, with cross course holding power that is unparalleled....
$ 33,550.00

Funda para slalom D3 63"-66"

Protect your investment with this padded slalom cover. Heavy duty, completely lined, nylon bag with padding in key areas. The extra tall binding area makes it accommodate all binding configurations....
$ 2,660.00

Bota D3 blackout frontal

The traditional rubber ski boot is back. Snug, comfortable and durable the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT is what a rubber binding was always meant to be. We have improved the fit, comfort...
$ 4,500.00

Bota D3 T-factor frontal

The T-Factor is newest addition to the D3 binding family. Like the Leverage the T-Factor delivers comfort and performance on a traditional EVA-rubber binding platform.The T-Factor is the result of...
$ 7,670.00

bota ski Stoker front

The Stoker features a traditional wrap combining performance and ease of use. Gorilla Grip handles make entry easy while a stiffer but lower cut wrap provides support for all your...
$ 3,500.00

Bota connelly para slalom shadow

By far our most user-friendly design the Shadow binding uses a stretch panel in the toe which can expand or compress to ensure proper fit for a wide variety of...
$ 3,350.00

RTP Connelly swerve

The most technically advanced slalom binding on the market is available with an equally awesome rear toe plate. A floating toe cinches down securing your foot into the ergonomically shaped...
$ 2,250.00

Conelly Pivot RTP

Great for the skiers who want the most comfortable, supportive, and easy-to-adjust rear toe binding available.
$ 1,980.00

Leverage blackout overlay XS-XL

The all new LEVERAGE BLACKOUT OVERLAY is a great replacement for all previous models of D3 Leverage or KD rubber bindings.In keeping with D3’s “performance first” philosophy we use only...
$ 1,100.00

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