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Botas hyperlite Jinx

Plush, pretty, and pretty much perfect, the Jinx delivers a cushy connection to your board for all ability levels and riding styles.The Jinx boot is a great adjustable all-around, supportive, easy-to-get-into women's...
$ 5,260.00

Chaleco Hyperlite blueprint

The style master Trever Maur requires an Impact Jacket to keep up with all of his spinning. The Blueprint Jacket delivers with strategically placed foam segmented panels for full mobility....
$ 4,720.00

Chaleco hyperlite riot negro con gris

Noah Flegel is on his game when he maneuvers without limits in his new pro-model jacket, The RIOT. Offered in two dazzling colors to match any set up, the RIOT...
$ 3,950.00

Chaleco Hyperlite scandal aqua

The Scandal Vest is a fresh style cut from input and testing from our IT Girls team riders. The slim look is accomplished by keeping flotation mainly in the chest...
$ 4,720.00

Chaleco Hyperlite wishbone

Graeme Burress knows more than most about being protected while wakeboarding, he may be reckless but he's safe in his new Wishbone Jacket. With the majority of foam and impact...
$ 4,720.00

Fenders para lancha Hyperlite

An excellent value, these inflatable bumpers are going to revolutionize boat bumpers as we know them. Simply pull the plug on the bottom to release the air and they flatten...
$ 640.00

Funda para wakeboard Hyperlite wrap 131-147

Protect your Wakeboard and it will be kind to you. The Wrap delivers a simple and effective way to encase your board in soft neoprene, covering the edges, tip and...
$ 1,850.00

Funda para wakesurf Hyperlite

Care for your wakesurfer and it will take care of you! Hyperlite introduces Surf Socks, available in two sizes and made of plush terrycloth fabric that will wick away water...
$ 1,180.00

Maleta para wakeboard Hyperlite essential azul y roja

Essentially, this bag has you and your gear covered. Large enough to house your complete set up, a new rope and handle and even your boardies, the Essential includes a...
$ 1,770.00

Maleta para wakeboard Hyperlite producer

The transition from enthusiast to diehard isn't complete until you have a getaway bag for your new Hyperlite set up. The Producer will get you and your gear there safely,...
$ 3,550.00

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