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Charger 119 optima xs

Start 'em out on a board that'll teach 'em proper technique and hone their prodigy potential; start 'em out on the CWB Charger Wakeboard. Designed with a forgiving center spine...
$ 4,250.00

Conelly Surge 125-

The CWB Surge Wakeboard. Why? Because every great feat is built upon a strong foundation. From the subtle 3-stage rocker to the forgiving center spine and removable center fins, the...
$ 5,500.00

Lotus 130

If you're a gnar-seeking lady taking the wake scene by storm, there's only one launchpad you need. The Connelly Lotus Wakeboard was designed to be one of the best shapes for progressing...
$ 5,950.00

tabla wakeboard Wild child 131

If you're looking to take your wake riding game to the next level it helps to have the right tools. The Wild Child from Connelly has been the weapon of...
$ 7,450.00

tabla wakeboard Reverb 146D

he Reverb has turned into the unofficial Connelly team board. This shapes has the ability to work with any riding style, whether its super technical or laid back and stylish....
$ 7,030.00

Tabla wakeboard liquid force trip 139

Twenty years ago, Liquid Force changed the definition of what a wakeboard should be with the original Trip. At the X Games in San Diego, Gregg Necrason piloted a radical...
$ 7,150.00

Tabla wakeboard liquid force remedy 138

With the aggressive 3 stage rocker and triple concave flowing into the venture quad channels, this board will take you and your riding straight up. The split tip shape, quad...
$ 11,900.00

Tabla wakeboard liquid force next 139

Exclusive Liquid Force FlexTrack SystemWorks fluidly with all bindings. Use with Liquid Force 4D bindings for uninterrupted board flex and super responsive feel. Vector Net Top and BaseWraps the core...
$ 11,900.00

botas wakeboard empire

The Connelly Empire Wakeboard Bindings are the boots for everybody. Grab the crew, hop in the boat, and don't fret about whether or not you can cram a size 12 foot into...
$ 4,050.00

bota wakeboard JT

Josh Twelker is teaching all of us a master’s class on how wakeboarding should look. His style of riding is complimented by a boot that can move in all the...
$ 8,900.00

Botas wakeboard liquid force index 12-15

Mount these Liquid Force Index wakeboard bindings to your wakeboard to ensure that you have the best season behind the boat yet. These bindings are a great choice for beginner...
$ 5,300.00

Botas wakeboard liquid force classic 11-12

Performance and comfort never go out of style. The Classic has Impact EVA on the base of the liner as well a dampening midsole to cushion your landings. Dual laces...
$ 8,500.00

Cuerda 30' PRO SURF W/PE AIR - VLT

FEATURES‰ۡÌÝÌÏ30‰ۡó» 10" D-Shaped Eva Handle with Poly-E Main 5-3' Sections‰ۡó¢ 10' D-shaped handle with premium EVA grip‰ۡó¢ Easily toss the fixed nylon handle to a rider or back in the...
$ 1,850.00

Mango 5' Dowdy Hdl w/ pistol

5‰ۡó» Dowdy Handle with Pistol‰ۡó¢ 15" super tacky subliminal neoprene grip‰ۡó¢ High-density memory foam cushioning for ultimate comfort‰ۡó¢ Minimalist style TPU end-cap reduces handle roll‰ۡó¢ Closed cell foam core bar...
$ 1,780.00

Botas wakeboard connelly venza

The Venza boot is where performance, versatility, and style come together. Designed to fit a wide variety of foot sizes these are the perfect boot to have on any boat...
$ 5,700.00

Tabla connelly para cable groove

The Groove is built for riders, plain and simple. The feature-free base design, ABS sidewalls and burly Xtrans sling surface are geared to handle all of your park needs. A...
$ 8,950.00

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