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 The new Capitol Wakeboard, by Cory Teunissen was spawned in the lab with Scott Bouchard to meet Cory's explosive ride style. The Capitol is shaped from a Blended 3-Stage Rocker, delivering a massive pop off the wake while sharp exit channels provide a speedy and clean release. Incorporating a Dual Concave Base through the belly, The Capitol maintains speed while carving and on approach to the wake. Swing weight is kept at a minimum with the board's profile and transitioning from edge to edge is smooth like butter. Jump on the Capitol with Cory for an exhilarating next ride. CONSTRUCTION FEATURES • Biolite 3 Core • Blended 3-Stage Rocker • Minimum Swing Weight Profile • Dual Concave Base in Belly • Sharp Exit Channels Tip & Tail • Layered Glass • Monocoque Construction • Sized UP Philosophy • Shaper: Butch Customs • M6 Inserts Fins: 4-Pack - .7 SS Beam