trick D3 aira carbon green

$ 16,520.00
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Talla: 43"

Este trick está echo de fibra de carbono haciéndolo más resistente y rápido, además la forma de la tabla ofrece rl apoyo donde lo necesitas haciendo un pop sin esfuerzo. 


With the all new AIRA CARBONand AIRA HC D3 has addressed all of these demands. We are very excited to announce we have exceeded even our own lofty expectations with the AIRA. Trick ski design is as much an art as it is a science. Very subtle changes in shape, rocker, flex and rebound can make very drastic changes to the performance of a trick ski. Trick skiing is such a technically demanding event. It requires great balance and timing. That balance and timing all start with the ski. After creating many different prototypes Denny Kidder, Will Bush and the entire D3 design team all agree we have ended up with a masterpiece.

The AIRA Carbon features a forward thinking approach to the traditional D3 overall topographical shape. This ski offers support where you need it and less where you don’t. A tapered profile has been designed into both the tip and tail of the AIRA Carbon. While subtle to the naked eye, this modification creates an energetic feel on all wake tricks and produces effortless pop.

All D3 trick ski models combine everything Denny Kidder has learned over the years while also considering the changing needs of the modern trick skier. Fresh new design concepts and solutions were utilized to produce the ultimate skis for the new age trick ski competitor as well as the seasoned veteran. You can feel the difference quality construction makes with the very first ride. Don't settle, buy an AIRA Carbon today.

The AIRA Carbon begins with a lightweight I.P.N. core and 100% carbon fiber laminate construction. The core, when combined with the carbon fiber laminates, make the AIRA Carbon ultra-light weight and incredibly strong. The all carbon fiber laminate construction make the AIRA Carbon lightning fast but still very forgiving. Quick rebound after a load makes the AIRA Carbon the most stable performance trick ski available.