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Tabla para wakesurf/foil Hyperlite UTE

Hyperlite’s new utility wakesurfer is appropriately named the UTE. The UTE wakesurfer does it all as you can attach your preferred foil for foil boarding, add foot straps for more...
$ 16,500.00

Foil Liquid Force Launch 120 set

First time foiling? No problem, this kit was built with you and mind. A small 24" Alloy Mast to keep you comfortable while beginning your foil career. Injection molded stabilizer...
$ 25,950.00

Mast para Lift Foil 32

Perfect for when the surf gets a little bigger and faster More room for error Bank tight turns without your wing tips breaching the surface Pairs really well with our...
$ 19,830.00

Mast para lift foil 28"

Lift's masts may not look too different from previous generations, but we’ve fine-tuned the construction with a new proprietary premium carbon fiber blend for improved control and response. We’ve also...
$ 17,900.00

Wing delantero High Aspect 170 para Lift foil

The little brother to the Lift 200 HA, with more speed and more efficiency. 170 Square inches of surface area, 37” wing span. This is a shop favorite that demands...
$ 19,950.00

Wing trasero 32 para Lift Foil

Sporty and fast Less area and lower angle than the larger sizes, offers better glide and faster speeds Pairs well with the 60S, 100S, 150S, 120HA, 170HA and 200HA
$ 6,980.00

Wing delantero high aspect 170 para foil. USADO

The little brother to the Lift 200 HA, with more speed and more efficiency. 170 Square inches of surface area, 37” wing span. This is a shop favorite that demands...
$ 14,900.00

Computadora para Efoil

The electronics box (also called the motor controller box, or eBox) is the brain of the eFoil. This complete unit is ready to plug in and go. It comes complete...
$ 57,750.00

Adaptador para cargador Efoil

Adapter data cable that connects the eBox to the battery. This cable specifically provides compatibility between ODU & Fischer components. Example: You can connect an ODU eBox to a Fischer...
$ 2,970.00

Casco Liquid Force Hero

The HERO is our go to functional and fashionable CE certified helmet featuring a high-density ABS shell and Sweat Saver terry cloth liner. Large air vents and graphic package will...
$ 1,880.00

Foil Liquid Force Horizon 160 set

Updated from last year with an all new 28" Carbon Mast, the Carbon Horizon 160 Foil Set will let you fly farther on less. The Horizon 160 front wing for...
$ 33,050.00

Tabla para foil Liquid Force Pod 4´4"

The POD Foil Board is our award winning POD Wakesurfer with the addition of our foil track system and extra reinforcement. The board comes with a quad fin set up...
$ 15,350.00

Adaptador lift foil para cargador-batería

Charging data cable that connects the charger to the battery. This cable is specifically for batteries with a Fischer (5-pin) connector port*. SPECS: Weight: 105g Length: 26"   * Be...
$ 5,690.00

Foil Liquid Force con tabla alahua

Esta tabla es la Mejor para prender foil y por su precio. Viene con funda para el foil y herramientas.
$ 39,000.00

Tabla para foil 4´0" Lift Foil

Mast: Pair this board with a 28” or 32” mast, depending on wave size. Wings: Try the 100, 150, 200 Surf. All high aspect wings work amazingly well with this...
$ 29,950.00

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