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Wakesurf Phase five Scamp

KIDS' PHASE FIVE SCAMP WAKE SKIMBOARD The ultimate kids wakesurfer designed to teach the basics while providing performance for the experienced grom. The Scamp is designed with the youngest rider...
$ 8,800.00

Avenger Phase5 Wakesurf

The same shape the pros ride, with a better̴Ì_price tag. With the growing popularity and positive feedback of the Matrix, we decided to build the Avenger in our durable Composilite...
$ 9,450.00

Tabla surf phase five Ratchet

The Ratchet is a versatile foot strap equipped wakesurfer. The foot straps make this great learning tool for beginners. Being able to lock the riders feet into the board, it...
$ 16,300.00

Wakesurf Phase Five Shrimp

The Shrimp evolved from the growth of Wakesurfing. Now, kids are getting into the sport at a much younger age than before. We found a need for a smaller surfer...
$ 8,200.00

Tabla surf MVP phase five

We stepped out of the box with the MVP designed by John Akerman. The MVP has a brand new design elemnt not found in another board from P5, Rail Grab...
$ 22,250.00

Wakesurf Phase Five Matrix

he Matrix has become a force in the P5 line with many of the top riders sporting it under their feet. It sports a thinner core and a single to...
$ 19,620.00

Wakesurf Liquid Force Micro Mal

La tabla de wakesurf micro mal está cubierta de espuma de micro puntos los cuales hacen que el agarre de esta tabla sea inigualable, además de que su única aleta...
$ 10,000.00

wakesurf connelly Benz

La tabla de wakesurf connelly benz tiene un diseño hibrido en forma de diamante el cual le permite girar como si fuera un skimmer pero sin dejar de lado el...
$ 15,340.00

Wakesurf wms voodoo 4´5"

Este wakesurf puede adaptarse a cualquier estilo o nivel de habilidad que tenga, su punta ancha le dará más estabilidad y comodidad, también le ofrece una sensación de tipo epoxi...
$ 11,450.00

Tabla wakesurf Connelly Laguna 4´6"

Esta tabla de wakesurf laguna de connelly es una tabla extremadamente duradera, sus bordes suaves hacen que sea resistente a los golpes o caídas además, las laminas superiores e inferiores...
$ 6,250.00

wakesurf Habit 48’’

La tabla de wakesurf Habit ofrece una sensación rápida debido a que solo cuanta con una aleta central que hace que sea más fácil dar giros. También tiene una línea...
$ 12,200.00

conelly voodoo

You're free to bring other boards on the boat but this quiver killer is going to see the most time on the wave. A wide tip and tail adds to...
$ 11,900.00

Prop 54 - 10 liters Phase5 Wake skimboard

Look no further for an all around performer that will satisfy a wide range of riders. The Prop has been dominating since the start. This board helped Drew win his...
$ 13,800.00

OOGLE Phase5 Wakesurf

The number one wakesurfer for schools and beginners. The Oogle has become the ultimate training board. A classic longboard shape keeps it very stable and forgiving. The generous rocker up...
$ 12,050.00

XB 58" - 12 liters Phase5 Wakesurf

All-around performance. Inspired by our top selling Model-X, at better price. The XB is styled after the popular Model X. A pulled in skim style nose, wide mid section and...
$ 15,450.00

wakesurf Ono 5’ 3’’

You don't need Yoko to ride the Ono. This board knows how to drive and is designed to maximize your push. The Ono is Connelly's newest high end performance board....
$ 18,010.00

wakesurf Katana

If you've been looking to spice things up on the wake, the Connelly Katana Wakesurf Board is calling your name. Designed with round rolls around the front for optimum buoyancy and sharp...
$ 14,960.00

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